Principal Investigator

Toshihide Hirao, Ph.D.

Specialties: Forest Ecology and Biodiversity

Faculty introduction by the University of Tokyo

Current Students

Rika Yasui, Doctor’s Course student

Research interests: Eco-behavioral and physiological responses of meso-carnivores to human recreational activities

Asaka Tamaki, Master’s Course student

Research interests: Predator non-consumptive effects on deer behavioral traits and spatio-temporal activities

Tianyu Tang, Master’s Course student

Research interests: Influence of landscape structure of satoyama-urban green space on seed dispersal networks of birds

Erika Naito, Master’s Course student

Research interests: Ecological mechanisms of forest vegetation homogenization caused by feeding damage of Sika deer

Yifan Gao, Master’s Course student

Research interests: Effects of deer bark-stripping on soil carbon storage through modification of soil microbial functions

Junsei Kumaki, Undergraduate student

Research interests: Cascading effect of deer-induced vegetation decline on soil faunal community structures

Lab Alumni

Masanori Fujii, Institute for Environmental Sciences

Post-doc 2012-2015

Tsunenori Iwaki

M.S. 2016, Elevational gradients of vegetation and its impacts on higher trophic levels in the Okuchichibu Mountains

Mitsuru Kawasaki

M.S. 2018, Roles of season, habitat environment and genetic structure on the diet of Japanese deer

Nobuhiko Shigyo, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute

Ph.D. 2019, Spatio-temporal variability of soil microbial communities and their identity for litter decomposition in cool-temperate montane forests

Akane Kobara

M.S. 2019, Influence of the link between aboveground and belowground ecosystems under deer browsing on seedling demography

Shota Tanaka

M.S. 2020, Resprouting and its function based on forest disturbance regimes

Kohsuke Tanigawa, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

M.S. 2021, Legacy effects of understory vegetation decline caused by Sika deer on tree seedlings through modification of soil microbial functionings

Takara Tsukamoto

M.S. 2022, Factors affecting the historical population dynamics and genetic structure of taiga tick, the vector of Lyme Borrelia

Takuya Yoshida

M.S. 2022, Source-sink effects of pollination services in forests under deer herbivory

Kosuke Takeuchi

M.S. 2023, Genetic structure and morphological variation of Acer tschonoskii complex in the Japanese Archipelago

Shu Morikawa

M.S. 2023, Effects of human activities in the natural environment on behavioral traits and spatio-temporal performances of mammals

Daisuke Ueno

M.S. 2024, Niche differentiation of Reeves’s muntjac and Sika deer in the Boso Peninsula

Rika Yasui

M.S. 2024, Effects of human activities on diel activity and habitat selection in carnivores